I've always been fascinated by the

emotional depth that sound adds to

picture, and have been passionately

pursuing a career in audio post-production

since graduating as an audio engineer.

My name is Ryan. I'm a professional sound editor, designer & mixer with industry experience working across TV, Film & Game. 


In 2016, I was nominated for a BAFTA TV CRAFT award for my sound design work on David Attenborough's: The Great Barrier Reef. I have since been specialising with dialogue for theatrical release at Pinewood film studios, UK.


I'm experienced using Pro Tools, Reaper, Logic, Avid Media Composer and am skilled at using all of the related hardware and control surfaces.

I put a high emphasis on having good communication and collaboration with my clients, ensuring that the end product is delivered to the highest standard.

I've learned Norwegian for three years and live in Oslo with my fiancé. In my spare time, I enjoy climbing, hiking and practicing martial arts.

rytwysound@gmail.com    |  +44 (0) 7422 965526